About Spartan Experience

The Spartan Experience is UNC Greensboro’s co-curricular program for engaging students, outside of the classroom, in ways that extend beyond their degree and time on campus. After completion, students will be able to articulate how campus life impacted their personal and professional development.


Students will be able to track their progress in Spartan Connect and with their co-curricular transcript, which documents their co-curricular learning. This experiential learning is grouped into five curricular areas called Competencies: 


Leadership begins with developing an understanding of and a commitment to an individual’s core values. When combined with knowledge and skills, these values allow civic leaders to make responsible choices that contribute to the common good. With practice, students develop an ethical framework to actively participate in a global community.


Well-Being is the responsibility of the entire campus to support healthy student development and to co-create a campus community that prioritizes health and wellness. Spartan Well-Being promotes the holistic and integrated development of the student using the following eight dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, financial, occupational, and intellectual. Spartan Well-Being encourages students to learn and develop life-long knowledge, skills, and awareness to strive for optimal well-being individually and of the global community.


Inclusion begins with the exploration of personal values and the ability to interact and appreciate the lived experiences of others. Interacting respectfully with diverse individuals and cultures requires a lifelong commitment to developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities that advance a more equitable and inclusive world. Inclusion also focuses on helping students deepen their understanding of systems of power and privilege, intersectionality, and how social systems develop and maintain social inequality. As a result, students can recognize and actively work to dismantle systems of oppression that are supported by power and privilege.


Connections is the commitment to ongoing self-discovery and commitment to transformational relationships with others. Self-discovery begins with exploring aspects of identity, values, and understanding one’s lived experiences. As a result of knowing oneself, a person is better equipped to foster and maintain relationships and understand the impact of their actions on others. The development of relationships will mean valuing, honoring, and respecting others while engaging across differences to deepen connections.


Career exploration and development represents the processes and experiences through which students identify and pursue their career goals. The successful pursuit of career goals requires self-awareness, planning, and proactive use of resources. An important aspect is becoming aware of one’s interests, skills, strengths, and workplace values. Career exploration and development allows students to understand their financial planning and management. Additionally, it develops the skill to seek campus and community support by exploring options, developing skills, expanding their networks, and pursuing career opportunities.

Evaluation of Student Participation

Participating in an event outlined in the curriculum  

Uploading reflections – Reflections are reviewed by professional staff who approve the reflection or request additional information from the student.  

Attendance at an event, activity, program, or opportunity outlined in the curriculum 

Active involvement in the activity or event –This is often part of a leveled activity, such as the Spartan Leadership Challenge.  

Participation will be approved by a staff member who reviews the depth and breadth of both participation and learning.

Competency assessment is conducted through various metrics and methods, as established in each student learning outcome.

We ask that all faculty and staff encourage student involvement in the Spartan Experience, as it will help our Spartans become more well-rounded professionals ready for life beyond our campus.  

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