NPI Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New Professionals Institute (NPI)?

Guided by the NASPA competencies, NPI is an intensive year-long professional development experience designed to engage, support, and empower the growth of entry-level full-time professionals in our Division.

Who can participate in the NPI?

NPI is open to all professionals with 1 to 5 years of full-time experience working in student affairs. Note: Graduate school experience does not count towards this total years of experience. Additionally, applicants should not be in their first year of full-time employment in the UNCG Division of Student Affairs.

When will the NPI begin and what is the time commitment?

NPI begins in August and meets monthly for two hours. The application form has the dates for each meeting.

What can I expect as a participant?

Participants will be placed in small groups of 1 to 3 other Division colleagues and led by a facilitator who is a seasoned professional. We will cover topics such as professional and personal values, supervising and advising, diversity and inclusion, and storytelling through budget and assessment. We will also include panels of professionals across the region and end with a site visit to a local institution.

Where can I find more information?

Information about meetings can be found on the application. Contact the Division of Student Affairs for more information.

When are applications due?

Applications are due on July 16. All applicants will be notified of their application status by August 4.

How will I be selected?

Division leadership will select the participants.

Congratulations to our inaugural cohort!

Kristina FeduikAssistant Director for Career Development
Natasha MonteithCoordinator for Residence Life
Diana AguillonCoordinator for Residence Life
Bianca SmithStudent Services Specialist
Sidney FletcherAdaptive Technology Specialist

Thank you to our facilitators

Mike AckermanAssociate Director, Recreation & Wellness
Theresa “TK” McKireAssistant Director for Residence Life
Curtis TarverAssociate Director, Campus Activities & Programs
Kathleen McGirtyAssistant Director, Elliott University Center
Sikirat KazeemAssociate Director, Recreation & Wellness
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