Chair: Catie Payne, Membership Coordinator, Department of Recreation & Wellness 

Coordinate efforts to provide professional development opportunities to all Division employees, with a focus on critical and trending issues in our field. This committee markets, coordinates, and executes the Hot Topics conference for the Division, University, and other interested Student Affairs professionals.

Members: Meredith Atchison, Paul Lentz, Angela White, Gregory Peeples, Vicki Cathcart

DSA Professional Development Committee

Chair: Gus Peña, Director of the Office of Intercultural Engagement

Coordinate divisional efforts to support the diversity of employees and students in the Division. Research best practices and make recommendations regarding efforts to promote inclusivity, diversity, and success for all Student Affairs employees.

Members: Tianna Gregory, Briana Welsh, Katie Todd

Chair: Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Division of Student Affairs 

Work collaboratively to coordinate Divisional marketing and communications efforts. Share best practice ideas and resources. Coordinate efforts to increase synergy and efficiency in promoting the Division and its departments.

Members: Gretchen Pugh, Ashley Marshall, Rashaun Deberry, Mary Steele

Chair: VACANT, Director of Assessment, Division of Student Affairs

In conjunction with the Director of Assessment, this learning community will provide support and direction for the assessment program of the Division. The primary charge will be to promote a culture of assessment with a focus on student learning and an emphasis on the continuous improvement of programs and services.



Chair: VACANT 

Coordinate the divisional activities of education, prevention, treatment, recovery, policy, enforcement, and compliance related to alcohol and other drugs. Work collaboratively with the Division staff and other University employees to establish and maintain a robust series of programs and events to educate students, prevent the use of alcohol and drugs, and reach significant numbers of students. Manage the needs for reporting on policy, enforcement, and compliance issues.

Members: Jeff Milroy, Curtis Tarver, Tianna Gregory, Alphonso Joyner, Nnenne Asi, Carol Bell, Mackenzie Winslow, Jay McCloy, KaShawna Guy, Ches Kennedy, Paige Thomas

Chair: Dr. Brett Carter, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

Develop strategies to identify impact of food and housing insecurity on our campus community. Collaborate with campus and community partners to identify scalable, sustainable solutions, educate the campus community, and enhance the visibility of resources.

Members: Ashley Baynes, Ashley Allen, Jade Andrews, Tim Johnson, Kim Sousa-Peoples, Scott Millman, Andrew Mails, and Danny Dawkins


Chair: Dwayne Hines, Assistant Director for Housekeeping

Coordinate all efforts for year-long employee recognition including distribution of years of service awards and pins. Solicit nominations for all end-of-year employee awards; encourage staff recognition through the monthly Impact newsletters, professional award nominations, and other venues.


Staff Awards

Chair: Vacant

Coordinate the annual Student Excellence Awards and banquet. Expand exposure and nomination processes, including opportunities that encourage University-wide nominations and recognition of engaged students.



Create and implement the framework for a student employee experience program that will provide students with a developmental experience that allows them to connect their work to particular learning outcomes, enhances their career developmental and readiness, and utilizes the creation of a co-curricular transcript.

Members: Shawn Copeland and Kelli Thomas


Chair: Dr. Megan Walters, Associate Director & Career Coach, Career & Professional Development 

In partnership with the faculty and graduate students in the Student Affairs Administration and Higher Education program, coordinate developmental and experiential activities for graduate students who are part of the Division of Student Affairs.

Members: Megan Krechel, Crystal Thibodeaux, Jayla Beeler, Juwan Jacobs, Amy Timmerman, Linda Alexander, Justin Golding, and Brad Johnson


In collaboration with the Co-Curricular Initiatives Administrator, this group will advance the Division’s commitment to the co-curricular transcript and its impact on the Division and in campus contexts.

Members: Sharon Page, Kristina Gage, and Kathleen McGirty

Chair: Diana Roman

Lead efforts to identify best practices, advocate, and develop programming to support first-generation student success.

Members: Bri Welsh, Cat Wright, Hailey Paivanas, Thomas Zigo, Erin Mason, Mary Steele, Yahira Robinson, Melissa Lore

Chairs: Dr. LaFarin Meriwether

Coordinate efforts to assess, design, and implement the curricular approach across the Division. Build awareness of its potential impact with key stakeholders and develop stategies that highlight intentional and learning-centered work.

Members: Lindsay Wigderson, Keeyana Talley, Megan Walters, Paige Thomas, Chris Gregory, Tim Johnson, Brett Carter, Adrienne Craig, Megan Krechel

Chair: Sikaret Kazeem, Associate Director, Department of Recreation & Wellness 

Promote community engagement with students, the greater Glenwood community, and other Greensboro communities through intentional projects and programs.

Members: TBD


Coordinates comprehensive prevention, response, and support services to address acts of sexual misconduct, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence for students.

Members: TBD

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