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First G at the G

First G at the G is a week-long series of events from November 2 – 8 with programming meant to help first-generation students connect with each other, faculty, and staff, as well as learn about campus resources. First-generation students are more likely to live off-campus, attend college close to home, attend school part-time and work full-time while in college. Many first-generation students are nontraditional (commuter, transfer, returning, foster, married, etc.) and therefore have a peripheral identity due to responsibilities outside of school. Some students – particularly from immigrant backgrounds – may serve as cultural brokers or translators. Many have high expectations placed on them as the first to attend college. Our goal with the First G at the G program is to help make the transition easier for these students!

2020 Scholarship Winners

Danielle McAllister

Freshman | Pre-Health Studies/Sciences

“I am very grateful and happy for being chosen as one of the recipients.”

Joshua Burns

Senior | History, Secondary Education major

This book scholarship means a lot to me because it is a further example of how UNCG has supported my academic experience so far. With this scholarship, I will be able to further finance my goal of being a History Educator!

2019 Scholarship Winners

2019 Scholarship Winners

Rowaida Hamdan
Freshman | Psychology major/Chemistry minor

Irving Montgomery headshot

Irving Montgomery
Junior | Business Administration major/Management minor

“The book scholarship I received has helped me spend money on things for school that I would otherwise go without due to the overwhelming amount of money I spend on books each semester. Being a first-generation student, it is often hard to navigate college. First G at the G has provided multiple resources for me and others.”

Jose Alvaregna

Jose Alvarenga
Freshman | Media Studies Major

“The First G at the G book scholarship I received took off some pressure from this Spring semester by allowing me to allocate the money I would’ve spent for books on other things for school. Without this, I probably would’ve needed to work some extra hours to afford the required textbooks for this semester. Being a first-generation student, it has been a challenging journey so far through my first year in college and getting used to so many changes, but I believe that all struggle has its compensation in the long run. Nonetheless, First G at the G has been a blessing to myself  and for many others who they have provided with guidance and support.”