Spartan Experience Overview 

UNC Greensboro’s Spartan Experience is YOUR Experience! Your time in college is valuable in and out of the classroom. This program will enable you to make the most of your time while you complete your degree and give you the tools to be able to articulate how your campus life helped you develop personally and professionally.   

The Spartan Experience will provide each student with an official record (co-curricular transcript) of:  

  • Leadership activities and organizational experiences  
  • Professional development and educational training  
  • Community service and engagement 

Participating in the program will supplement your scholarship process and will help you:  

  • Plan your personal/career goals  
  • Manage your time  
  • Develop leadership skills  
  • Increase intercultural and global understanding  

The Spartan Experience can be used as a supplement to a resume, scholarship applications, and graduate school applications. Studies have shown employers are looking for employees who have documented and proven “practical competency” or the ability to work with others. Involvement in leadership activities also provides a connection to campus life.  

Your progress through the Spartan Experience will be recognized as you meet various milestones. Recognition includes a sling backpack, tote bag, dinner with the Vice Chancellor, presence at the Spartans of Excellence Banquet, and more!   

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