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How do I participate?

Check out events in Spartan Connect that are tied to Skills/Experiences! Most activities you do on campus can count for credit towards your Spartan Experience. 

Should my employment experience be included? 

Employment experience should be listed on your resume rather than on the Spartan Experience. If the position is connected to your educational experience but not part of an academic program (Ex. work-study, paraprofessional positions, internships for non-credit, etc.) this may be something that you want included. 

Does it cost anything to participate in Spartan Experience?  

No! Participation in campus events that meet requirements in the Spartan Experience will be free. If you participate in an off-campus program that could fulfill the requirements, you may have to pay for that outside program – make sure you check!  

Does completion of the Spartan Experience award students with anything in particular?  

Yes! Along with milestone markers, students will receive a medallion in their senior year.   

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