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Student Stories: Ti-Ana Pyatt

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Student Spotlight feature on Ti-Ana Pyatt

Ti-Ana Pyatt is a junior Psychology major from Bolton, N.C. who is also pursuing minors in American Sign Language and Sociology. She is President of UNCG’s Residence Hall Association and an At-Large Senator for the Student Government Association. She’s also a member of the National Residence Hall Honorary and the Girl Talk student organization. She completed the Bronze Leadership Challenge program and this year, she’s also working with the UNCG Athletics Marketing staff.

I chose to attend UNCG because…

When I stepped foot on campus, it just felt like home. The campus was beautiful and everyone was so welcoming. I could definitely picture myself continuing my education here. Diversity played a huge role in my decision as well. I saw attending UNCG as an opportunity to learn more about different cultures and beliefs.

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My favorite things to do on campus are…

Attend the basketball games! We have an amazing team and the energy is always great in the Coliseum. I also love going to the Homecoming bonfire. It’s my favorite Homecoming tradition!

My favorite place to study is…

The Jackson Library is my favorite place to study. The library has technology available for your use, quiet floors, and rooms you can reserve to get all of your work done.

My favorite professor is…

Dr. Russell has easily become one of my favorite professors at UNCG! She is a Social Psychologist whose research expertise focuses on close relationships. She has a great sense of humor, caring demeanor, and respect for her students. Her lectures are interactive and interesting. They are never boring! She cares a lot about her students and is always ready to answer questions and help us better understand the material. Her love for the field is evident and I would most definitely recommend taking her class. 

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

…provide free year-round housing for college students who experience homelessness.

What is your passion, and how are you committed to pursuing it?

I am passionate about spreading sexual assault awareness. I want our campus population to learn how to be effective bystanders and intervene in situations that promote sexual misconduct or could lead to sexual violence. The RHA Executive Council created a consent pledge. Sign here!

The one UNCG experience I will always remember will be…

…joining the Chancellor and Mrs. Gilliam for a Student Leaders reception at the University Residence. It was a lovely experience and I got to meet some great people.

Are there particular Division of Student Affairs offices that have made a significant impact on your time here?

The Housing & Residence Life department has impacted my time at UNCG since I first stepped foot on campus. From joining hall council my freshman year to now serving as the Residence Hall Association president, HRL has supported my love for student leadership tremendously. I have built close relationships with members of the faculty and staff that I will always cherish. I am forever grateful for this department and everything they have done for me.

What does student leader mean to you?

Being a student leader means recognizing your potential and helping others do the same. It is all about using your voice and platform to support your fellow students!

How do you think your campus involvement and student leadership experience has prepared you for life after UNCG?

My campus involvement has allowed me to practice real-world skills. I have gained confidence in my ability to utilize these skills and take on the challenges I will face in life after UNCG.

In what ways have your experienced UNCG’s Culture of Care?

I have experienced UNCG’s Culture of Care from my RHA advisor Shawn Copeland. Shawn has been my advisor for the past two years and has always been one of my biggest supporters. When I am feeling defeated he is always there to give me the extra push I need. Whenever I need him he is there for me, and I cannot thank him enough.

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?

Take advantage of all of the free resources! There is tutoring, career and professional development assistance, counseling, and many more resources.