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The Office of Student Affairs Assessment serves The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the Division of Student Affairs by providing the leadership and expertise to advance a culture of evidence upon which the effectiveness of division programs, services, and initiatives are based while maximizing opportunities for student learning.

Guided by student development theory in conjunction with CAS Standards and current best practices, the Office of Student Affairs Assessment is committed to creating an ethos of active and intentional assessment planning for the purposes of program improvement and accountability.

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The UNCG Student Affairs Assessment Council (AC), in conjunction with Student Affairs Assessment Director, will provide support and direction for the assessment program of the Division. The primary charge will be to promote a culture of assessment with a focus on student learning and an emphasis on improvement of programs and services.

Specific Council Functions

Establish approaches to share and maximize assessment efforts and use of resources across departments

Identify specific assessment projects that warrant further review by the Council or an appointed sub-team

Maintain a set of common learning outcomes and areas of impact to be assessed by all departments

Foster and promote a culture of assessment in the Division

Contribute to the planning, development, and implementation of Division-wide assessment efforts

Coordinate assessment training for the Division based on identified needs

Lead SACSCOC accreditation team for student affairs accreditation standards

Assessment Council Composition

The AC is comprised of representatives from across the Division of Student Affairs.  Current membership includes:

Jill Beville – Recreation and Wellness

Mary Anderson – Dean of Students

Kathleen McGirty – Elliot University Center

Chris Gregory – Residence Life

Brad Wrenn – Veteran Resource Center Coordinator


AC members will be asked to attend approximately three meetings per semester. Members may also be asked to assist with consultative work and projects on an “as-needed” basis. In addition, members will be offered opportunities to develop and refine their assessment skills and share them with their colleagues within their respective departments and throughout the division. Council members in each area will serve as the liaison to the non-represented department in each area as determined each year by the Director of Student Affairs Assessment and the Council members.