Student Affairs Strategic Plan 2017-2022

The following initiatives are being undertaken by Student Affairs in support of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Strategic Plan: Taking Giant Steps.
This plan represents the initial initiatives identified in Spring 2017 through a series of discussions across all levels of staff in the Division of Student Affairs.
As these initiatives are realized, modified, or as other initiatives are identified, these will be added to this document. The University’s plan, implementation and context can be
found at

HEALTH and WELLNESS Transforming Students

UNCG students will gain understanding of and appreciation for health and wellness as it applies to their personal and professional lives through co-curricular and
extracurricular programming.

Student Affairs Initiative

Develop new directions while strengthening existing health and wellness initiatives relevant to the needs of students that include a multidimensional approach, focusing on physical,
emotional, environmental, occupational, social, intellectual, and spiritual growth.


80% participation rate of all students in at least two of the wellness categories to be defined.

  1. Students will report increased healthy behaviors in at least two categories of the wellness elements.
  2. Students will report fewer stressors impacting their academic life because of their participation in the wellness elements.

VIBRANT COMMUNITIES Transforming Students

UNCG students will gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be active contributors to their communities through co-curricular and extracurricular programming.

Student Affairs Initiative #1

Implement a Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) where all students can document and showcase knowledge and experiences gained outside the classroom which support development of
essential skills important to future careers and graduate or professional schools.

Initial Target

At least 25% of undergraduate students will use the co-curricular transcript by Fall 2018.


Student learning outcomes are incorporated into the CCT through the “outcomes” tracking section and through attainment of specific CCT goals.

Student Affairs Initiative #2

Establish the “Build a Spartan” initiative by transforming student development programs and services to create and sustain opportunities for students to engage in a vibrant community.

Initial Target

300 first year students will participate in the pilot program in Fall 2018.

  1. Students will demonstrate an enhanced knowledge base on the elements included in the initiative ranging from inclusion, traditions, leadership, responsible decision-making
    (sexual misconduct, alcohol, drugs, etc) etc.
  2. Students will contribute financially to the University and remain loyal alumni.
  3. Students will understand the traditions of the University and promote the Spartan community to the communities into which they move.

Student Affairs Initiative #3

Promote community engagement through projects and programs in Spartan Village that bring together campus and community.


Students will be engaged in the Glenwood community at a 25% higher level by 2021-2022.


Students will gain an appreciation of community service.

GLOBAL CONNECTIONS Transforming the Region

UNCG students will gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to engage effectively in and contribute productively to the global community.

Student Affairs Initiative

Create a Campus Civic Action Plan designed to, “articulate the public purposes” of UNC Greensboro; to “deepen the work of our campuses by ensuring our teaching, research,
and institutional actions contribute to the public good”; and to “accelerate the pace of change commensurate with the local, national, and global challenges we face”.
(Campus Compact, Thirtieth Anniversary Action Statement of Presidents and Chancellors.)


The Civic Action Plan will be completed in Fall 2017.

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