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Staff Spotlight: Meredith Atchison

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Meredith Atchison is the Associate Director for Student Groups & Programming in the Campus Activities & Programs department. The Grand Rapids, Michigan native is an alumna of the SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology and Western Michigan University. She joined the UNCG staff in July 2016.

What does the Student Affairs mission of Engage, Empower, Enrich mean to you?

To me, Engage, Empower, Enrich means that we as a Division and as staff members have a responsibility to provide students with spaces that allow them to grow as individuals, within the UNCG community and beyond.

While those three words may mean different things to each student, my ultimate hope is that students are coming to UNCG to feel supported, graduate knowing more about themselves, and overall believe UNCG has given them the opportunity to succeed beyond UNCG.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is that I have the opportunity to work with so many student leaders on a diverse array of projects and programs. I love to be there when students achieve their goals or successfully plan and implement a program that has required a lot of time and energy on their part. I also enjoy watching students grow over time and become more active contributors to their own lives and community.

How do you feel your department makes an impact on students?

I feel that CAP provides students with the opportunity to explore their interests and further develop as individuals in many ways. For some students, this may be running a student organizations, for others it may be networking with others at events, and for others it may be finding a space to take a break and have fun during a busy semester.

Our hope is that we can support them during their entire time at UNCG starting with Rawkin’ Welcome Week events through graduation day.

How would you describe UNCG to a prospective student or employee?

UNCG is more than a physical place; UNCG is a community. There are so many students, faculty, and staff members here that are truly dedicated to making UNCG a wonderful place to work, grow, and learn. While there will always be challenges as we continue to grow, I feel like the people here support each other and are working towards keeping UNCG a thriving community.

What are you most proud of during your time at UNCG so far?

I am consistently blown away by the phenomenal student leaders that we have here at UNCG, and there have been many moments where I have been fortunate enough to see them succeed. However, I think something that I am most proud of during my time here has been some of the collaborations we have built with other departments and divisions on campus. These partnerships have been key in providing our students with the opportunities to be successful here at UNCG while utilizing our resources in ways to broaden our audience and enhance programs.

Campus Activities & Programs is made up of several different areas: Student Groups, Activities & Campus Events (ACE), Fraternity and Sorority Life, Weekend Life, and Daytime Programming. Traditional events that are planned by the CAP office include Homecoming, Rawkin’ Welcome Week, Luminaries, Fraternal Leadership Institute, Winterfest, Greek Week, Spring Fling, DeStress Fest, and the Excellence Banquet. CAP provides opportunities for students to create meaningful relationships, explore interests, and develop a sense of self and an appreciation for their community. The CAP office is located on the second floor of the Elliott University Center in suites 250 – 269.