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Congratulations Rotary Scholarship Recipients

Posted on Thursday, March 18th, 2021 by Jolie Helton under Inside Student Affairs. Tags:
Front row:  Aliah Strauther, Indira Tapias
Second row: Summer Hill, Page Bullard, Jessica Thomas
Back row: Gene Parker (Guilford Rotary), Collin Bell, Shainne Daniels, James Ranstead, Rodney Lloyd, Mitchell Hunt (Guilford Rotary) and Brent Holmes (Guilford Rotary)
Not present: Shaunquisha Leary

The Guilford Rotary Charitable Foundation, part of the Guilford Rotary Club, awarded Shanquisha Leary, Jessica Thomas, Shianne Daniels, Page Gullard, Rodney Lloyd, Summer Hill, James Ranstead, Colin Bell, Aliyah Strauther, and Indira Tapias each a $1,000 scholarship in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements at UNCG.  Twice a year, Guilford Rotary awards Student Veteran Scholarships to student veterans to help them as they transition from military service to civilian life, as well as to recognize them for their service.  Three of the recipients served in the US Army, two served in the US Marine Corps, one served in the US Navy, one in the US Air Force, one served in the Army Reserves, one in the Army National Guard and one in the Marine Corps Reserves. The average length of service for the recipients was 5.4 years. Four of the awardees are pursuing degrees in nursing, two in biology, one each in speech language pathology, recreation and parks management, business administration, and social work.