Division of Student Affairs

CCT Information for Campus Partners

Hi, and welcome to a brief introduction to SpartanConnect for Campus Partners. As higher education professionals, we all know a student’s co-curricular involvement in college has the power to transform their lives after graduation. Student Affairs wants to be your partner in achieving that impact for your students. Our platform, SpartanConnect, is specifically designed to help your students get connected on campus and provide you as administrators key data to make informed decisions about your programs.


SpartanConnect primarily serves three distinct groups of users: students looking to get involved, student leaders or involved students, and administrators. SpartanConnect provides students opportunities to get involved through organizations and events. Students can use SpartanConnect to search through a campus-wide listing of organizations and events. In SpartanConnect, your department can have its own public-facing organization page where you can share out information with students. You can also list your department’s events on SpartanConnect, allowing students to RSVP and save events to their personal calendars. When you use SpartanConnect, you help uninvolved students connect to meaningful opportunities.Finally, as administrators, you can use SpartanConnect to collect and utilize data to answer important questions you might be asking. Whether you’re working with greek life, residence life, club sports, service learning, career services, diversity and inclusion initiatives, or any other office on campus, SpartanConnect can help you achieve your goals and streamline your administrative processes.


If you’ve never seen SpartanConnect, here are some images to get you familiar with SpartanConnect at a glance.

The homepage of SpartanConnect provides a search bar where students can search for organization pages, events, or news articles. Signing in to the community takes you to a page more tailored to your experience, including quick links to the organizations you belong to. The event listing provides information such as date, time, location, description, and a photo for all events taking place across campus. From this listing, students can easily sort and categorize to find events hosted by your office. SpartanConnect also offers a mobile application that allows users to find events and organizations directly from their mobile devices. Using SpartanConnect ensures students have more connection points to your department’s opportunities.


Another feature highly valued by administrators in SpartanConnect is the ability to manage your event attendance and observe involvement patterns. You can use manual attendance tracking, card-swipe, or the mobile check in app to keep accurate records on your event attendance. For each individual event, you can easily view a dashboard showing your attendance, including excused and absent users. You can manually add attendance, leave notes about individual students, and export the attendance record.

We hope this introduction to SpartanConnect has been helpful, and that you’re excited about what SpartanConnect might do for your department or office. If you have any questions, please chat with us at spartanconnect@uncg.edu.