Spartan Spotlight: Towsif Aziz

Hometown: Cary, N.C.
Major: Business Administration
Graduation: May 2018
On-Campus Involvement: President of the Muslim Student Association, Lloyd International Honors Student, and Chief Marshal of the University Marshals
Favorite Accomplishment: Successfully having events such as Islam Around the World and Farewell 2018 Trip for Muslim Student Association

What departments within the Division of Student Affairs Made an Impact on your college career?
A few different offices have had a big impact on me throughout my time at UNCG. While I was President of the Muslim Student Association, I would meet often with the incredible staff of the Campus Activities & Programs department and the Elliot University Center. Thanks to their help and guidance, we were able to hold many successful events throughout the past few years.

Another department that had an impact on me is the Office of Intercultural Engagement especially Director Gus Peña. He is an advisor for UNCG MSA and would assist us whenever we would reach out to him for help.

Towsif AzizWhat would you say is your “story” at UNCG?
College is the place where you can truly become the best person you have always dreamed of being. It is the catalyst for personal change, emotional growth, and educational awakening as you face all these new situations and experiences which you never have before. I knew a freshman once who came to UNCG and on their first night, almost cried themselves to sleep because of how afraid they were. They stayed in their shell for quite some time, but once they took a leap of faith and tried to experience all these new opportunities, they realized just how exciting and fulfilling college could be. Once they got started, the time flew by and I know that student would do anything to have just another semester with all these places and people they slowly fell in love with. I was that student.

I almost cried at the overwhelming situation before me, but even when I didn’t believe in myself, my classmates did. When I felt like giving up, my professors gave me hope. When I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, UNCG was there to be my shoulder to lean on. UNCG is so much more than a college campus. It’s home. And I would do almost anything I could for just a few more precious moments with it.

My undergraduate career at UNCG has been a stepping towards providing the education that I need to become the capable professional which I aspire to be. From being a Lloyd International Honors Student where I got to study abroad at Strathclyde University to being the Chief Marshal of the University Marshals where I got to watch thousands of graduates cross the stage, I have made every effort I could to fully immersing myself in the Spartan Experience. Becoming involved in on-campus activities was what truly took me out of my shell and allowed me to lead campus organizations such as the Muslim Student Association.

Before I came to UNCG, I was petrified with the thought of public speaking, but with the help of classes such as CST-105 and various English courses, I look forward to such experiences now such as the time I hosted Islam Around the Word this past November to an audience we estimated to be in the few hundreds. The Spartan Experience allowed me to find the best me by challenging me every step of the way. I was pushed to struggle through difficulties and embrace them instead of looking for ways around them. I am proud to be a UNCG Spartan and I am proud of who I have become because of my time here at UNCG.

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