Sexual Assault:

Spartan Community

I think my friend was sexually assaulted.  How can I help?

If the assault happened recently, refer them to medical care for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, injuries, and/or pregnancy prevention. Access campus and community resources for crisis support and counseling for both yourself and your friend.

Be a source of support!  As a victim of sexual violence, your friend has experienced a loss of power and control.  As a friend, the best thing you can do is to help him or her regain control.

  • Believe and tell them so!
  • Reassure the survivor that you still love them and that the assault was their FAULT.
  • Don’t question or judge what was done to survive.
  • Validate the survivor’s feelings.  They are natural, healthy responses to an abnormal situation.
  • Encourage the survivor to get medical attention, but do not force.
  • Respect the survivor’s decision to report or to not report the assault.
  • Be patient – it takes time and space to heal.
  • Don’t tell your friend what to do.  Instead, help them explore options.
  • Listen to their needs and do NOT enforce your own.
  • Get involved in awareness and prevention activities here at UNCG!
  • Speak up!  If you see a potentially negative situation or if you think an offense is taking place, then get help immediately or speak up to curtail the event from happening.  There is no wrong way to assist, except to do nothing at all.  Help in whatever way feels comfortable for you.  Sometimes being the voice of ‘good’ can make all the difference.
  • Make sure YOU have someone to talk to.  As supporters of survivors, you may sometimes feel some effects of secondary trauma.

I hate that this is happening!  How can I be part of the solution?

GET INVOLVED!  UNCG has many awareness and prevention activities throughout the year.

It’s On Us to Stand Against Violence

At UNC Greensboro, we believe that It’s On Us to prevent interpersonal violence in our community. Bystander intervention is essential in creating a campus that is safe for everyone. Students are integral part of this approach; programs and trainings are held throughout the year for you to learn more. For more information about any of these programs or how to get more involved, email

Take a look at some of our upcoming programs below!

BRAVE Training

Come learn how you can take the pledge to end interpersonal violence and win some awesome prizes all at the same time!

A fun, interactive, and engaging training that teaches hands-on, practical bystander intervention skills.

Become BRAVE-certified today and help spread the message to UNCG that “It’s On Us” to end violence on campus.

Register for upcoming workshops here!

Take Back the Night

An annual event as part of Sexual

Assault Awareness Week held during

the second week of school each year.

Take Back the Night includes a march against

violence and speak out where survivors

are empowered to share their stories

of healing after violence.

August 23, 7-10 PM

Jackson Library Lawn

Clothesline Project

A week-long display on the Jackson Library Lawn

during Sexual Assault Awareness Week features shirts

decorated by UNCG students, faculty, and staff.

Each displayed shirt features a story of how interpersonal

violence had affected the shirt-maker.

Materials are available to students who wish to make a shirt and add to the exhibit!

On display all week,

August 21 – August 25

Library and Stone Lawns

Is there an online resource that I can visit that can offer me any additional resources? offers the following resources on their website:

  • A collection of national crisis resources searchable by zipcode
  • Legal guidance and federal policies
  • Information on resolution and compliance reports conducted by the U.S. Department of Education