Presidential Symposium on Racial Justice in Higher Education

2018 Presidential Symposium on Racial Justice in Higher Education

On January 22, HRL’s Social Justice Diversity Initiative (SJDI) Committee co-hosted a live-stream webinar entitled The Presidential Symposium on Racial Justice in Higher Education. The webinar was sponsored by the University of Southern California Race and Equity Center, the College Student Educators International (ACPA), and the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE). In attendance alongside SJDI members, were participants from the Office of Intercultural Engagement, the Higher Education Student Association, and the Higher Education and School of Education. The webinar featured a panel of renowned speakers:

  • Dr. Stephen John Quaye (Miami University / ACPA President)
  • Dr. Lori Patton Davis (Indiana University / ASHE President)
  • Dr. Shaun R. Harper (University of Southern California / ASHE Past President)

These scholars presented a four-hour session that included educational and reflective activities and a discussion centered around the following concepts:

  • Taking Stock and Making Sense of Racist Incidents on Campuses
  • Self-Care in Periods of Racial Stress and Recovery from Racial Battles
  • The Collective Impact of Racial Justice
  • Coalition-Building for Racial Justice

During the event, HRL staff monitored tweets, questions and impressions shared to #UNCGRacialJustice. They were pleased with the results: a total of 73 tweets, 103 likes, and 37 retweets were generated.

SJDI is exploring the idea of a follow-up event to continue the conversation about racial justice as it applies to the UNCG campus.

Hear from the Participants

Graduate Student Chris Gremillion, an Assistant Coordinator for Residence Life with HRL, said, It allowed me to engage with many people who could be future employers or on search committees…and that’s important.” Chris added, “It was a great way to engage with grads, pros, and faculty from NC to California; particularly through the live-tweeting.

HRL’s Erica Farrar, Senior Assistant Director for Residence Life & Academic Enhancement, was also one of the 26 symposium attendees. After connecting with various campus colleagues at the event, Erica commented, This was a powerful model of collaboration between Students Affairs (SA) and Academic Affairs (AA); particularly SA practice and SA graduate degree preparatory programs as it reiterated the necessity to create bolder learning spaces for us to engage around the topic of racial justice…and the role we play in dismantling racism in Higher Education.