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New School Year, New Name – Career & Professional Development

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Effective August 1, 2019, the Career Services Center has rebranded and changed its name to Career & Professional Development. The addition of professional development better reflects how they partner with students and recent graduates at every stage of their career paths. CPD has a student-centered approach to programs and services, a demonstrated commitment to serving the unique needs of a highly diverse student population, and a dedication to ensuring career-readiness for all Spartans.


Why did you change your name?

The change from Career Services Center to Career & Professional Development better reflects how we empower students and recent graduates for career-readiness. In addition to providing practical services such as resume review and interview counseling, we offer a wide range of professional development for students and graduates to be successful at whatever stage in their career paths.

Will your offerings and programs change?

No, we will still continue to provide in-person career counseling, provide educational resources and host events on and off campus to help students build their professional networks. We hope to serve even more students with ongoing professional development needs such as strengths assessments, exploration of future career tracks, preparation for graduate school and even launching a business.

How was the new name determined?

The name was recommended by an UNC Greensboro stakeholder group as part of a larger external review of the university’s career services offerings. The report findings highlight the strategic significance of career development initiatives for the university and the opportunity a new name may provide in capturing the full impact of the Career & Professional Development moving forward.

What does professional development include?

At UNCG, professional development can perhaps best be defined by our Career Roadmap which highlights a series of milestones designed to prepare students for success today and well after graduation. As opposed to one service, such as writing a resume, professional development includes knowledge and skills that build on each other. Self-assessment and awareness of strengths and values, exploration of majors and career opportunities that align with those strengths and values and how to connect and communicate effectively with a professional network are just a few examples of professional development offerings.

What is the NACE?

NACE stands for the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Founded in 1956, it is the professional association for college career services professionals from more than 9,000 colleges.

I’m a business major. Who should I go to for career counseling – my academic counselor or a career counselor?

We would encourage you to leverage all resources available to you, including guidance from staff at the Bryan School as well as Career & Professional Development.

I’m a senior, and I haven’t started my career search. Is it too late to work with you?

It’s never too late to begin your professional development. We welcome all students to schedule an appointment or walk in to meet with a Peer Career Ambassador to begin a self- assessment.