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Competitive Sports Coordinator Maili Williamson: First Female NAL Official

Posted on Sunday, June 27th, 2021 by Jolie Helton under Inside Student Affairs, Spartan Story. Tags:
Maili Williamson

Maili Williamson, competitive sports coordinator for Recreation & Wellness, recently became the first female official to perform duties in a National Arena League football game. Williamson served as a line judge in the June 19 game between the Jersey Flight and the Carolina Cobras. In a release, the League stated that Williamson would continue to serve as a line judge for the 2021 season and be a potential candidate to work in the NAL postseason.

Williamson is a 2017 graduate of UNC Greensboro and joined RecWell’s professional staff in December 2019. She began her officiating career working for RecWell as a first-year student. She also currently officiates high school football, basketball, and volleyball, and is slated to begin officiating NCAA football this fall. “Maili has been an amazing part of our department over the years and continues to contribute in many ways,” said Erik Unger, assistant director for competitive sports.

Williamson serving as an NAL line judge in the June 19 game between the Jersey Flight and Carolina Cobras

“I never knew that walking into officials training in the Fall of 2013 would lead to a life-long passion for sports officiating! Throughout my time as an undergrad at UNCG, I was motivated, supported, and empowered to become a great sports official. Along the way, I have learned that officiating is more than blowing the whistle and making a call. Officiating is a humbling experience that teaches sportsmanship, communication, and perseverance,” said Williamson. “I sincerely appreciate the support I have received from my colleagues in the Department of Recreation & Wellness. It is my hope that I can help a current student find the same passion that drives me to succeed. Although my journey is just beginning at the collegiate level, I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that are being provided to me with one of those being a National Arena League Football Official!”

UNCG students who are interested in beginning their own officiating journey can reach Williamson via email at mawill24@uncg.edu.