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Staff Spotlight: Lindsey Woelker

Posted on Monday, January 6th, 2020 by Jolie Helton under Inside Student Affairs, Spartan Story. Tags:

Lindsey Woelker, Associate Director for Leadership with the Office of Leadership & Civic Engagement, has been a UNCG employee since March 2017. She is a Sterling Heights, Michigan native and an alumna of the University of Michigan and Loyola University Chicago.

What does the Student Affairs mission of Engage, Empower, Enrich mean to you?

To me, the mission of Engage, Empower, and Enrich means that as a Division, we create environments for students where they can discover their potential and find meaning as they navigate their college experience. We empower them to seek opportunities for growth and instill a sense of purpose beyond UNCG.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is the Medallion Ceremony at the end of each semester. Even though it can be a stressful event, seeing the pride students have in receiving their medallion and watching them celebrate with their family and friends shows that what we are doing makes an impact on them now – and for years to come. I love that the Leadership Challenge is open to every student at UNCG and that each participant has the opportunity to recognize their potential and capitalize on all of  the wonderful things that they bring to their communities.

How do you feel your department makes an impact on students?

The really amazing part about the impact OLCE makes is that it impacts students so they can impact society. OLCE empowers students to be change-makers – to understand that they have a responsibility to actively engage in their community. We provide the skills and knowledge to do that effectively. As one Bronze graduate said, “This program makes me proud to be a Spartan.” I think our office helps students see UNCG’s pillar of “service” come to life and allows them to truly understand what it means to be a Spartan.

How would you describe UNCG to a prospective student or employee?

UNCG is a supportive community of people committed to student success – academically, socially, civically, personally, etc. I’ve grown so much here, both professionally and personally, because UNCG encourages staff to thrive so we can help students thrive. There are challenges, as with any institution, but here we are surrounded by caring people who always lend a hand. I was worried since I came from a smaller institution that I would feel siloed, but collaborations here are so easy and welcome – makes for a great place to work.

What are you most proud of during your time at UNCG so far?

I’m most proud of the relationships and partnerships I’ve created across campus. Our programs cannot occur without the support of (practically) the whole University. I’ve been able to create really solid connections with incredible staff members who go above and beyond to make our initiatives successful. I’m also proud of the relationships within OLCE that have been cultivated since I got here. I think we’ve created an office that continues to strive for a seamless connection between civic engagement and leadership, and the closer we get, the more exciting it becomes!

The Office of Leadership & Civic Engagement strives to enrich the UNCG community through civic engagement, intentional leadership development, and faculty support.  The various programs and diverse opportunities offered through OLCE prepare students for a life of active citizenship and empower students to effect positive community change.  With over 500 volunteer opportunities and a service database with over 250 community partners, OLCE offers participating Spartans opportunities to develop transferable skills, build meaningful community connections, and experience personal leadership.