Merchandising Policy

The Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina has established a Merchandising Policy that prevents harassment and nuisance to students living on campus. Off-campus firms, organizations, or individuals are restricted in conducting merchandising activities on campus and should consult Business and Student Services for information. Non-student affiliated groups and departments are subject to the “Solicitation” regulations in University Policy II:P:007. Any merchandising activity conducted on the campus by an officially recognized student organization is subject to the regulations below.

A recognized student organization may conduct merchandising activities for two purposes. It may conduct an activity from which all profits shall be devoted to scholarships or charity and/or it may conduct a fund-raising activity for the purpose of its own treasury (specific guidelines for this type of activity are outlined below). Permission to conduct both types of merchandising activities must be obtained from the Office of Campus Activities and Programs at least one week in advance. A copy of the approved permit must be carried at all times by all persons engaged in the merchandising activity.

Student organizations wishing to conduct merchandising activities of any kind must follow these guidelines:

  • The organization must request “Permission for Campus Solicitation” from the Office of Campus Activities and Programs at least one week in advance of the planned activity.

Merchandising activities are restricted to the following areas on campus:

  • The Elliott University Center
  • The Dining Hall entrance
  • The Quad (during special events)
  • The Fountain area

There will be no “door-knocking” in residence halls. Fund-raising activities shall not obstruct pedestrian traffic. Representatives of the organization must remain in the common areas of the dorm for merchandising purposes.

A Profits Report must be completed at the conclusion of the merchandising activity and returned to the Office of Campus Activities and Programs. (These forms are available from this office.)

Complaints stemming from student merchandising activities shall be referred to the Office of Campus Activities and Programs. The Assistant Director for Greek Life and Student Organization Development will notify the organization of the complaint and initiate disciplinary action if appropriate.


Raffles may be conducted under the above guidelines with the following restrictions:

  • The maximum cash prize which may be offered is $5,000.00.
  • Merchandise offered may not exceed a fair market value of $25,000.00.
  • A minimum of 90 percent of raffle proceeds must be used for non-profit purposes.
  • No part of the proceeds may be used to pay any person to conduct the raffle or to rent facilities for the raffle.


Food fund-raisers must be cleared with the Director of Dining Services. Such clearance will be required before permission is granted to raise funds.

Fund-raising for Treasury

Campus organizations wishing to conduct a merchandising activity for the purpose of their own treasuries must follow additional guidelines:

  • For purposes of the treasury, each recognized student organization may conduct two fund-raising activities per semester with a limit of four per calendar year. (Summer session is considered one semester)
  • Fund-raising activities shall not exceed two weeks in duration. (Should the activity require order-taking, ordering shall be limited to a one-week period. Delivery time shall not be counted).

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