Dear UNCG Student

Welcome to the 2012-13 academic year at UNCG. This UNCG Student Handbook will serve as a guide for you to many important aspects of your life as a student. It is provided to all UNCG students to assist in their daily planning during the academic year and it also contains important information related to University policies and student programs and services.

Although all information printed in the UNCG Student Handbook was accurate at the time of publication, please keep in mind that some of this may change and some of it is provided in an abbreviated form. Remember that complete academic policies and procedures are found in your Undergraduate or Graduate Bulletin (the University catalog) and on the UNCG Web site. You will also find in these locations other rules and regulations through which UNCG sets its expectations of us all. Since you are responsible for conducting yourself within the framework of thoseUniversity policies, the University expects you to be familiar with them.

I hope you will use the UNCG Student Handbook throughout the year. Should you have suggestions for making future editions more helpful to you and others, please let the Office of the Dean of Students know about these. That office publishes this handbook with the hope that it will remind you on a regular basis of what your life at UNCG is all about. Best wishes for a successful academic year.

Cherry Callahan
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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