Our Community

The policies contained in this publication are a necessary and important part of this institution. They are written rules by the UNCG community. However, there are also other rules for this community that are important to the quality of life here at UNCG.

UNCG is a community of scholars who have come together for a variety of reasons. Some of these purposes have to do with social interests, meeting new friends, learning about different lifestyles and appreciating the many interests that make us individuals. Other purposes have to do with career or life goals, what jobs will be held later in life, how we will pursue our plans for the future, and how to realize our dreams and ambitions. But the primary meaning of the community is always that it is a community of scholars whom are here to learn many things in a variety of settings.

The formal policies contained in this publication do not exhaust the formal rules and policies of the University. The rules contained herein do represent those most pertinent to the daily life of students. The policies contained in this publication pertain specifically to UNCG students. Other University policies can be found in The Policy Manual available in the Office of Administration and Planning. The informal rules of the community have to be learned largely through your experience here as a student. Many individual faculty, staff and other students will assist in understanding the appropriate behaviors for this community. Ideally, and whenever possible, your behavior as a member of this community will be governed by the informal, unwritten rules. A summary of those rules might suggest simply that you take care of yourself, accept responsibility for your actions, and avoid behavior that will harm you or anyone else. Of course, the understanding of such simple rules involves a great deal of thought and care, which is also a part of your experience here at UNCG.

At some time, the informal rules of the community may not be sufficient for you, because either you find yourself harmed by someone else’s behavior or you cause harm to another person or organization through your own behavior. In those cases, where all other efforts to address such behaviors fail, these formal policies will become critical. They will define not only the behavior in question, but also the rules by which the university will seek to address behavior that appears to violate the rules.

Much of your interaction with your University will come in the form of written or verbal directions. It is important that you read and listen carefully to information that is provided. Often there will be deadlines for certain actions on your part. Failure to attend to directions or to respond to deadlines can jeopardize your college career.

We therefore urge you to review these policies with the understanding that you are personally responsible for your own well-being as well as the protection of the community. We welcome you as a member of our community with all of the rights, freedoms, and responsibilities implied in the formal and informal rules of this community. Welcome to your University – welcome to UNCG!

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