Division of Student Affairs

Golden Chain Honor Society


The Golden Chain Tradition

After an 18-year organizational period, the Golden Chain was officially founded on the campus of the Woman’s College of North Carolina in 1948. In that year, eight outstanding seniors were chosen to become the first links of the Golden Chain. These seniors in turn elected seventeen juniors to aid in the maintenance of excellence that would soon become a tradition at the University.

The name was chosen deliberately. “Golden” denotes excellence and rarity. “Chain” signifies linkage – a binding together of past generations of students who served that University and the organization with the present students, and with generations to come.

Golden Chain is singular and unique to the UNCG campus. Golden Chain was organized to recognize students who have made significant and meaningful contributions to the University community. From the beginning, the students inducted have been those who served the University and their fellow students in quiet as well as prominent ways. The seven links of the chain symbolize the qualities which have always been prerequisite for election to membership: leadership, scholarship, service, tolerance, judgment, magnanimity, and character.

The tradition of Golden Chain is of special importance to the University. To preserve and nurture it for today and the future is the privileged responsibility of each member of the Golden Chain Honor Society.

 The Seven Golden Links

  • LEADERSHIP – Denotes initiative, accountability, perseverance and proficiency in the guidance of others.
  • SCHOLARSHIP – Includes a minimum quality point average of 3.25 for all previous course work in this University.
  • SERVICE – Encompasses good rendered to the University unselfishly and of one’s own volition. Service is not necessarily to be equated with offices held.
  • TOLERANCE – The freedom from prejudice that allows one to be open-minded toward various opinions, beliefs, and practices without compromising one’s own values.
  • MAGNANIMITY – The nobility of mind and soul that allows one to rise above anger and pettiness.
  • JUDGMENT – The ability to think clearly and critically, to invoke sound reasoning in comparison and decision, and to formulate rational opinions.
  • CHARACTER – The moral courage, fortitude, and self- discipline unique to each individual but common among all who excel in this University. Character is a foundation for all the preceding six attributes.

 Nomination Information

  • Nominees for membership in the Golden Chain Honor Society will be evaluated with respect to the seven qualities which are the seven links of the Chain: leadership, scholarship, service, judgment, tolerance, magnanimity, and character.
  • Juniors and Seniors with a GPA of 3.25 or greater are eligible for active membership.
  • Honorary members are welcome for nomination on the basis of their distinguished careers and meritorious service to the University.
  • Faculty and staff can nominate a deserving students through the nomination form.
  • Each application consists of 1) faculty/staff letter of recommendation, 2) nominee’s current resume, and 3) nomination form.

Completed application packets are due by 5:00 p.m. on March 19, 2021 and should be emailed to Dr. Coretta Walker, Director for Strategic Initiatives & Parent Programs at crwalke5@uncg.edu.