Division of Student Affairs


Student Affairs is comprised of multiple departments, each with a specific role. Each office or center provides unique services and programs in order to fulfill the division’s mission. Visit our departmental websites:

Office of Accessibility Resources & Services (OARS)

Director: Tina Vires

  • Accessibility Resources & Services is committed to orchestrating the educational development of students with a documented disability. Simultaneously, Accessibility Resources & Services continually works to improve understanding and support of the total University community toward this end. Students are encouraged to be independent and autonomous individuals who know their learning strengths and develop appropriate coping strategies for academic success. Accessibility Resources & Services serves as a supportive psychological environment so those students may achieve their educational objectives.

Campus Activities & Programs (CAP)

Director: Meredith Atchison

  • Campus Activities & Programs seeks to complement the academic program of studies and enhance the overall educational experience of students through development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, spiritual, leadership and governance programs.  Campus Activities and Programs works with over 200 student groups to plan new and exciting programs, with 20 Greek Life organizations, weekend life programming, Commuters, Transfers, and Adult students to create a vibrant campus life and provide them with leadership opportunities.

Career & Professional Development (CPD)

Director: Nicole Hall, MBA

  • Career & Professional Development provides professional guidance and resources to undergraduate and graduate students and alumni for their lifelong career development. We design services to educate, counsel, and involve students and alumni in career planning and decision-making, experiential learning, continuing education, and/or employment search activities. To provide these services, we establish mutually beneficial relationships with our clients: students, alumni, employers, faculty, staff, and the community.

Dean of Students Office (DOS)

Director: Brett Carter, Ph.D.

  • Fosters a Culture of Care at UNCG, ensuring students feel supported and empowered to succeed.

Elliott University Center (EUC)

Director: William Parrish, B.A.

  • EUC is responsible for maintaining facilities, providing services, and promoting programs that are responsive to student developmental needs and to the physical, social, cultural, and continuing education needs of the campus community.

Housing and Residence Life (HRL)

Executive Director: Tim Johnson, J.D.

  • HRL serves as “Home” to over 5,700 UNCG students and is committed to providing a high quality, high-value living experience that brings our residents to lives of service, scholarship, and leadership, both as students and graduates of UNCG.

Office of Leadership & Civic Engagement (OLCE)

Interim Director: Lindsey Woelker

  • OLCE strives to enrich the UNCG community through civic engagement, intentional leadership development and faculty support.  The various programs and diverse opportunities offered through OLCE prepare students for a life of active citizenship and empower students to effect positive community change.  With over 500 volunteer opportunities and a service database with over 250 community partners, OLCE offers participating Spartans opportunities to develop transferable skills, build meaningful community connections, and experience personal leadership.

Office of Intercultural Engagement (OIE)

Director: Gus Peña, M.A.

  • The Office of Intercultural Engagement contributes to the University’s academic mission in providing student-centered programs that promote awareness of and respect for cultural diversity and offer opportunities to provoke thought and expand cross-cultural and inter-cultural knowledge.  The Office also strives to contribute to a community in which all students are empowered to recognize and act on one’s social responsibility in relation to domestic and global issues.

Office of Military-Affiliated Services (MAS)

Director: Brad Wrenn, M.AdEd.

  • The Office of Military-Affiliated Services provides services and support for all military-affiliated students and intentional programming focused on their experiences.

Department of Recreation & Wellness (RecWell)

Director: Jill Beville, Ph.D.

  • RecWell provides organized and informal sports, physical activity, and leisure programming to help students form their foundation for social, mental, and physical wellness.

Student Health Services (SHS)

Director: Kathy Baber, MBA

  • SHS seeks to enhance the physical, psychological, environmental, and health education status of UNCG students. As a health organization operating within an academic institution, the Student Health Services is committed to the support of the educational, research, and service missions of the University.

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR)

Assistant Dean of Students: Robert Barker, M.S.

  • The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities supports the University’s mission of preparing students for lives of engaged citizenship and leadership in a global society through advocacy, education, and accountability. Through educational initiatives and processes for adjudication of alleged misconduct, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities encourages honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. We value a student’s rights to a fair, respectful process, and the responsibility each student has to be an accountable member of the University Community.

The Counseling Center (CC)

Director: Jennifer Whitney, Ph.D., LPCS

  • The Counseling Center provides a wide range of counseling and psychological services to currently enrolled UNCG students. The services may include: short term individual counseling, group therapy, crisis intervention, psychiatric services, consultation, and outreach activities. Our goal is to support and challenge students’ development in ways that enable them to take advantage of the personal, professional, and educational opportunities at UNCG.