98% of freshmen students who filled out the SOAR survey indicated that they think UNCG has a culture of care to support them.
94% of freshmen students who filled out the SOAR survey indicated that by viewing Life at the G, they feel more knowledgeable about experience they may have as a UNCG student.
We asked the question, "Name one thing that Life at the G taught you." We received 482 comments and 204 of them fell under the theme Spartans look out for and support one another.
100% The Dean of Students staff is devoted to creating a culture of care in which students feel supported and empowered to succeed.
600 UNCG Spartans received direction on how to help their peers in distress (Student Helping Student)

The Dean of Students Office

Spartan Open Pantry

Life has many seasons, and at times all of us struggle. If you’re a student at UNCG and you’re hungry, please know that help is available through the Spartan Open Pantry (SOP).

It’s easy; it’s hassle-free.

The Pantry’s sole purpose is to ensure that no one in our Spartan community goes hungry.

Please take advantage of the following options if you’re in need:

  1. Go to scheduled distributions at College Place United Methodist Church, 509 Tate St. across from the Weatherspoon Museum of Art. You can also schedule an appointment by emailing to info@wesleyluther.org.
  2. Go to the Wesley-Luther SOP webpage for changes in distribution times and openings of new distribution windows.
  3. Fill out a PATHS referral form either for someone you know or for yourself.
  4. The Associated Campus Ministries Center, 500 Stirling St., can provide assistance 10am-3pm Monday through Friday.
  5. Volunteer sign-up