The Dean of Students Office

Creating a Culture of Care

Presentations and Outreach

How does the Dean of Students Office outreach to the Spartan Community?

The Dean of Students office engages with the Spartan Community through various outreach methods to support students in their academic and personal development at the G. Some common channels that we utilize include:

  • Electronic reach-out letters sent to a student’s iSpartan email
  • Phone and video calls
  • Referral to campus partner offices, often via the Starfish platform
  • Social media – follow us on Twitter and Instagram @uncgdos !
  • Tabling at events


The Dean of Students Office strives to create a culture of care conducive for academic and personal development. We offer presentations and training for students, staff, and faculty. Students, faculty, or staff are welcome to request a presentation from the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for University groups. The information will be communicated to the Dean of Students staff, and you will be contacted within two weeks.

Dean of Students Office Presentations

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For Students Only

The following presentations are designed for students of any classification. They are suitable for campus partner visits or student staff/student organization training.

Culture of Care Presentation: An Overview of the Dean of Students Office as a Helpful Resource.

In this presentation, students will be exposed to the mission, values, and services of the Dean of Students Office; identify appropriate reasons to seek support from DOS; notice signs of distress in themselves and peers; define consent; pinpoint confidential resources for reporting sexual misconduct; and name at least two ways to contact DOS. The purpose of the Culture of Care presentation is to illustrate a few of the many ways DOS interacts with the UNCG community.

Students Helping Students: How to Help a Fellow Student in Distress

This presentation serves to make students aware of the prevalence of stress and distress on college campuses, and how students can support their peers. Students will be able to name the differences between stress and distress, as well as recognize signs for each; understand that stress can affect anyone at any time; and locate at least two resources for students in distress. This presentation also addresses tips for practicing self-care.

Post-Presentation Assessment Link (for student participants)

For Faculty & Staff Only

In an effort to create a culture of care, the Dean of Students Office invites and encourages faculty and staff to attend one or all workshops scheduled during the fall and spring semester specifically designed for faculty and staff. For additional information contact the Dean of Students Office at 4-5514.

Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom
Students are expected to assist in maintaining a classroom environment that is conducive to learning. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for students to be uncivil and verbally aggressive in the classroom toward faculty and their peers. This behavior is not only disruptive, but if not addressed, could have irreversible consequences on student learning. The Dean of Students Office may have some solutions. Come learn some useful techniques on how to address disruptive behavior in the classroom and share with your peers best practices for dealing with disruptive students.

UNCG Cares: Our Critical Responders
This specialized UNCG Cares training is designed for front line staff and their supervisors. The training will help staff members identify individuals in distress and those who may become a risk, appropriately handle the individual and create a safety plan for themselves and their office. We encourage supervisors to attend this UNCG Cares training with their front line staff members in order to create the safety plan for their office and to spend one-on-one time with their staff addressing safety concerns.

UNCG Cares: Identifying and Responding to Students in Distress
UNCG Cares about students! During this training for UNCG faculty and staff, participants learn about types of distress for students, recognizing signs of distress, strategies for reaching out to students, effective referral, and the resources available on campus to assist students. By creating an environment of support, students in distress may seek help before issues rise to the crisis level. After completing the training, each participant is given a decal/sticker with the “UNCG Cares” logo to display in his or her office. Please allot approximately 2 hours for this training.

For Anyone

Food Insecurity and Support

One in three Spartans face food insecurity, often forgoing meals and not eating a balanced diet due to a lack of funds or resources. Having enough nutritional food to eat establishes a firm foundation to succeed at the G. “UNCG Cares” and wants to make sure that Spartans have everything they need to succeed. In this presentation, students, faculty, and staff will understand the scope of food insecurity at UNCG and on a national level, as well as identify on-campus and local resources like the Spartan Open Pantry.

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Academic Integrity for Faculty

Academic Integrity for Students

Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Overview (This will be presented to FYE course requests)

Student Conduct Process