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Frequently Asked Questions

“What should I do if I am accused by another UNCG community member of a violation of the Policy on sexual Misconduct Complaints or an Instance of Interpersonal Violence?”

If you are accused by another UNCG community member of a violation of the Policy on Student Sexual Misconduct Complaints (rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment) or a violation of the Student Code of Conduct in regard to an instance of Interpersonal Violence (dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking) then you may consider scheduling a meeting with the Dean of Students Office to learn about your rights and responsibilities. Our office can provide you information on the conduct process, a no-contact order, support resources, and potential academic/personal remedies. You will also be given the opportunity to submit a written statement regarding your alleged involvement in the incident. This statement will be kept in your student record as well as provided to the Title IX Coordinator in the case of an incident of sexual misconduct.

“What is going to happen to the information that was reported about me?”

The Dean of Students Office is obligated to report the names of the reporting party and the responding party as well as relevant facts regarding the alleged incident (including date, time location, and any discussed circumstances) to the University’s Title IX Coordinator, and possibly other appropriate University officials. The Dean of Students Office is also required to report the incident and the identified respondent’s name to the University Police to help the police determine if there is a risk to other members of the campus community and for crime reporting purposes. Your student record is confidential and will be protected to the extent that University policy and the law require.

“I am struggling academically and personally because I am in the same residence hall/class/etc. as the person who accused me of misconduct. Do I have any options?”

The Dean of Students Office or the Title IX Coordinator can speak to you about possible assistance like changing academic, living, and transportation situations. These remedies may be made if they are reasonably available, regardless of whether or not you choose to speak about the incident of sexual misconduct or interpersonal violence to campus police or local law enforcement.

“Are there any confidential resources that can help support me?”

Counseling Services/Medical Care

Student Health Services
Medical Clinic and Counseling Center
Anna M. Gove Building

“What does it mean to have ‘conduct charges’ filed against me?”

Following a Title IX investigation, if the facts indicate that you may have violated the Student Code of Conduct, the University may choose to file conduct charges against you for alleged prohibited behavior. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibility is available during walk-in hours or by appointment to guide you through the conduct process and answer any questions you may have. You are welcome to bring a support person with you to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. You are encouraged to review the Student Code of Conduct and conduct proceedings.  Please visit You may also review the University’s Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Sex Discrimination, and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence at Any student accused of violating the Student Code of Conduct may be represented, at their own expense, by a licensed attorney or non-attorney advocate of their own choosing during all disciplinary proceedings. Anyone wishing to serve as an advocate on behalf of a student or student organization must meet certain conditions. These conditions and further information can be found at

Where can I go to learn more about UNCG’s educational programs and training efforts around topics like sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking?”

Many offices at UNCG work in collaboration to provide educational programs and trainings around important topics like sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence. You may see dates and times of programs and trainings on the following websites:

Campus Violence Response Center –

The Wellness Center –

The Dean of Students Office –

Campus Activities and Programs –

Additional Sexual Misconduct Resources and Information can be found at:



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