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Responding Party Support Services

Responding Party Support Services provides resources, information, and comprehensive support for students who have been accused by a fellow UNCG communitymember of a violation of sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.  The goal of the service is to help ensure that responding parties develop an understanding of the process as well as information to navigate the process.  While the graduate assistant for student support will work to maintain privacy of information shared, the Dean of Students Office is not a strictly confidential reporting resource, therefore, information shared will need to be shared with the Title IX Office and other university administrators as necessary.

Responding Party Support Services has a designated graduate assistant that can:

  • Help you understand your rights
  • Explain university policy and procedures
  • Attend meetings as a support person including investigative conversations with the Title IX Office or UNCG Police, disciplinary proceedings, or other necessary meetings that take place on campus
  • Refer you to campus and community resources
  • Secure an interpreter/translator if necessary
  • Review documents and material as requested such as investigative reports, final reports, and no-contact orders
  • Assist in managing interim remedies such as academic, housing, and access to facilities

It is important to know that Responding Party Services are NOT…

  • Strictly confidential
  • An advocate for the respondent
  • Legal advisors

Contact Information

To schedule a meeting with the Graduate Assistant for Student Support or learn more about Responding Party Support Services, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 336-334-5514 or email

For more information on conduct hearing processes and procedures please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at 336-334-4640 or email


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