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Creating a Culture of Care

Bias Education and Support Team


UNCG’s Bias Education and Support Team serves the campus community by offering a reporting process that invites students to document and proactively address the impacts of bias-related incidents, behaviors, and actions. A trained interdisciplinary, interdepartmental group, the Bias Education and Support Team draws on restorative principles, appreciative inquiry, community conferencing and other restoration-focused practices to guide students as they process the impacts of bias incidents. The Bias Education and Support Team will not replace or subordinate any existing processes for reporting and addressing acts of discrimination, harassment, concern or violence. The team does not investigate incidents and will refer them to law enforcement or the appropriate university offices when necessary.

Bias Education and Support Team at UNC Greensboro will:

  • Educate the campus community on how to recognize and report bias incidents
  • Respond to reported bias incidents
  • Support students impacted by bias incidents

Bias Reporting

A bias incident includes conduct, behavior, or expression that is threatening, harassing, intimidating, discriminatory, or hostile and targets specific individuals or groups based on their actual or perceived social identity.
A hate crime is a criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.
The bias incident report is available to any student who has observed a bias incident that involves the UNCG campus community. If this is an emergency that requires immediate attention, please contact campus police at 336.334.4444 prior to filing a bias incident report.
UNCG strives to build a safe and inclusive campus. Your report helps our team students impacted by bias and provide educational opportunities to members of our campus community.
The following protocol outlines the steps taken after a bias incident report (IR) is submitted. The Bias and Educational Support Team is divided into smaller sub-teams, who are responsible for providing support and education to students assigned to their team.

Team Membership

The Bias Education and Support Team is housed in the Dean of Students Office, with membership including faculty and staff from across the University. The following outlines the positions and/or individuals along with the tenure of their service to the team.

Responsible for responding to bias incident reports on a rotating basis and campus-wide education/presentations. The Education and Support Team provide updates to the Advisory Team. Each department listed will have 1 designee:
  • Dean of Students Office/Team Chair/Case Manager
  • Office of Intercultural Engagement
  • Online Programs
  • Provost Faculty Appointment
  • Title IX
  • Campus Violence Response Center
  • Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Housing and Residence Life
  • Office of Accessibility Resources and Services
  • Undergraduate Student Success
  • The Graduate School
Responsible for consulting with The Dean of Students Office-Bias Education and Support Team on an as-needed basis and meeting once per semester.
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students
  • Director of the Office of Intercultural Engagement
  • Chancellor’s Fellow, or Chancellor’s Designee
  • General Counsel
  • Human Resources
  • University Communications 
  • UNCG Police Department
  • Dean of Students/Team Chair/Case Manager


The Bias Education and Support Team will conduct ongoing training for the campus community about its purpose and role and how to recognize and respond to reported bias incidents on campus. These training opportunities will be offered twice per semester and by request.

  • Presentations to classrooms
  • New student orientation
  • New staff and faculty orientation
  • Departmental presentations 
  • Student organization presentations


Many UNCG staff and faculty are designated as mandatory reporters under Title IX. This means that these members of our campus community are required to report information that may be related to conduct prohibited under Title IX. If you are looking for a confidential resource, we suggest you start with UNCG’s Campus Violence Response Center.  UNCG’s Counseling Center is also a confidential resource.