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Call for Campus Climate Grant Proposals

Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021 by Jolie Helton under Inside Student Affairs. Tags:

The iBelong Project was launched in Spring 2019 with the administration of a campus climate survey intended to inform about how we can better promote a climate at UNCG where everyone feels supported and welcomed. The iBelong implementation team, focused on increasing students’ sense of belonging, requests proposals for the second year of the demonstration grant project.  We are looking for innovative ways of building deeper community and connections between students across campus. UNCG student groups and organizations as well as faculty and staff can submit a proposal that expands on their prior year project or proposes an entirely new project.  We are especially interested in proposals that include students in the development and implementation of the project ideas to build community and belonging at UNCG.  Teams may submit requests for up to $500 in funding to support projects. Special consideration will be given to proposals using Campus Dining to support any food related needs.  

A few examples of previously funded projects included a program that helped onboard new international students, a digital fashion show to highlight student design work, and a program that focused on helping first generation students get adjusted to life at UNCG. 

Proposals must include the following:
  • Indicate whether it is a new project or a project expansion
  • Clearly proposed outcomes – ex: The program will help provide a sense of community among xx population of students by hosting digital meet and greets.  
  • Impact:  Who are the students this program will serve?  How will this program make an impact with the population you are trying to serve?
  • Budget for the project
  • Plan for Evaluation to include stakeholder feedback
  • All project plans must meet the current COVID guidelines of the University at the time of application.
  • Deadline to submit: September 15
  • Notify grant winners: September 30
  • Implementation deadline: April 1, 2022
  • Final report due: April 15, 2022

Please email your one-to-two page concept paper to ibelong@uncg.edu for entry. The priority deadline for review is September 15.