Camille Zarzar

Camille Zarzar: Discovering What It MeansDuring her freshman year at UNCG, Camille Zarzar made a decision that had a significant impact on her college experience – she decided to participate in Greek recruitment. She became a member of a sorority in the fall of 2011, and began a journey that led to sisterhood, campus involvement, and the discovery of what it really means to go to a university.

Camille is a junior community and therapeutic recreation major with a concentration in community recreation and event management and a minor in business. She plans to graduate in May 2015. Originally from Hillsborough, NC Camille said that the first time she came to UNCG’s campus she wasn’t a fan. It was over the summer, and there weren’t many students on campus. When she returned for a Destination UNCG event, she saw the life and activity on campus and felt like she belonged here.

Camille wasn’t a very involved student in high school, but she knew she wanted that to change in college. She saw involvement in sorority life as a way to make that happen. She started getting involved in campus as the assistant public relations chair for her sorority. From there she became secretary/treasurer and then president of the ­­College Panhellenic Council, which serves as the governing body for the sororities on campus that are members of National Panhellenic Conference. CPC oversees formal Panhellenic sorority recruitment each fall and provides its member organizations with educational programming, leadership opportunities, and community service/philanthropy initiatives.

“Within the past year I’ve felt like my time being involved on campus has evolved so much – I’ve gotten a chance to build relationships with so many great people in Greek life, other organizations, administration, and also just on campus in general. Being able to do that has completely opened my eyes even more about the purpose of Greek life and my purpose as a student leader. As UNCG Greek life I believe we can do something bigger altogether.”

“For me, being a member of a sorority has really helped me find a smaller community within this large community, and it has positively influenced my college experience– rather than just being a student who just visits campus and goes to class, I feel like a part of this campus and this community. That’s made the biggest impact.” ­­­

Camille has worked as an intern with the UNCG Athletics Marketing Department, and hopes to pursue a career in something related to event management within athletics. Camille is also on the Spartan Spirit Rising committee to help promote school spirit.

“Being involved on campus has taught me what it really means to go to a university. I love my major, I love what I’m learning and I value that – but if I was only here to get an education then all these extracurricular things wouldn’t be here. It’s a community. You’re here to grow as an individual, as a person – not just to gain knowledge. You learn about who you are. Realizing your potential – that’s what it means to go to a university. It’s for finding out who we are and what we want to become.”