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Student Stories: Cameron Farrar

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Multiple pictures of Cameron Farrar, UNCG student and Residential Advisor

Cameron Farrar is a Sociology and Political Science double major from Chapel Hill, NC. He is also a Residential Advisor in Jefferson Suites and a Democracy Fellow. Cameron is a Bronze Leadership Challenge graduate and a recipient of the Housing & Residence Life Award of Academic Excellence. 

Do you have any family ties to UNCG?

My mom worked in Housing & Residence Life at UNCG as a Senior Assistant Director years before I arrived here!Student HRL staff pose with Executive Director of HRL Tim Johnson and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Cathy Akens

I chose to attend UNCG because…

…of the environment, the educational opportunities, and the extra-curricular opportunities. I came on campus for special events with my mother throughout my middle and high school years. I always enjoyed the unique feel that the campus possesses. After my first few visit to UNC Greensboro’s campus it already felt like home. When I entered my senior year of high school my mind had already been made up. Though I got in to every school I applied to, I never seriously considered any other university. I am a firm believer that it isn’t about where you go in life, but what you do with your time there. This is the mindset that brought me to this amazing institution and propelled me into finding my way here.

My favorite things to do on campus are…

Going to ACE events! I am the Vice Chair of the Music Committee, and after all of the planning and coordinating that we do, it is so rewarding to see students show up (breaking previous attendance records) and enjoy themselves! My second favorite thing to do on campus is getting coffee in the EUC. There is always something neat going on from events to groups tabling. A huge bonus is that I always see someone I know, and it is a nice way to start my day!

My favorite place to study is…

My favorite place to study is the seventh floor of the Library because I can get any kind of work done there. It’s quiet, comfortable, and welcoming!

My favorite professor is…

Student Cameron Farrar poses with his Bronze Leadership Challenge certificateIt’s hard for me to pick a favorite. So many professors that I have interacted with have made a huge impact on myself and my studies. Dr. Joseph Ross was a very passionate teacher that I had my first semester of my freshman and sophomore year. His passion for his field is what inspired me to want to continue my dream of professorship. Dr. Ayla Amon, a leading expert in her field, helped me investigate my lineage and ancestry. She also teaches in a way that made me more interested in the historical context of the African Diaspora as it pertains to Islam. She is a wonderful professor who strives to educate students in a way that facilitates productive learning, and I really admire her for all she does with UNCG, the Greensboro community, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Lastly, Kristen Bethune is a sociology professor that I had last semester. She taught about a wide range of concepts, theories, and relations as it pertains to race, class, and gender. That class opened my mind to so much. I had so many moments in her class where I was floored and truly stunned at some of the statistical data we would reference. She genuinely cares about the well-being of her students in addition to teaching material that facilitated broader conversations as it pertained to intersectionality.

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

If I knew I could not fail, I would drain the accounts of the top 10 international corporations and eradicate worldwide poverty, pay student debt, and spend the rest on acres of the Amazon rainforest and make it an environmental sanctuary… anonymously. I would do this because our world has gotten too greedy. We don’t care about the well-being of people as much as we should. Less than 1% of the U.S. budget goes to fighting American poverty, but 1 in 5 American children go hungry at some point(s) throughout the year. The international statistics about poverty only get worse from here. I’d pay off debt because no one should acquire debt living an average lifestyle; it’s inhumane to have your existence anchored by the weight of debt. I would do all this anonymously so that I could remain a free citizen.

What is your passion, and how are you committed to pursuing it?

In short, I am passionate about advocacy. Advocating for me, advocating for others, and cultivating spaces where others can advocate for themselves. So many worldly issues are rooted in lack of advocacy and more importantly, lack of listening. I believe that if we do more of that we will see more peace, more problem-solving, and more voices at the table.

The one UNCG experience I will always remember will be…

…being a Summer Conference Assistant. Not only was the staff I worked with amazing, but the job we did was impactful. Helping students check into SOAR, answering a range of questions, and being accommodating of new Spartans was the most fruitful experience I am thankful to be a part of.

Are there particular Division of Student Affairs offices that have made a significant impact on your time here?

Housing & Residence Life has been the most impactful office during my time here at UNCG. I have only worked within the HRL department until recently. I was a Desk Assistant my freshman year, a Summer Conference Assistant last summer, and I am currently a Resident Advisor. This department has been so welcoming! HRL has taught me so much about our campus, myself, and the world around us. I have participated in multiple training sessions throughout the department, and each year I learn more new facts.

What does student leader mean to you?

To me, leadership is certainly a mindset. It is giving someone the opportunity to govern within (NOT over) a body of people in order to create and incite new-found ideas and boost productivity. Therefore leadership must be in the hands of the one who can best ignite those passions. Leadership does not require complete control over situations or the group. Being able to lead as a student requires active listening skills, trust in your counterparts, and willingness to adapt.

How do you think your campus involvement and student leadership experience has prepared you for life after UNCG? Student from HRL pose with Award for Academic Excellence

UNCG has prepared me for so much. Interacting with people from different backgrounds, building rapport with people in a professional setting, registering people to vote, public speaking, and building my networking skills. I have also been able to do a notable amount of networking and relationship building in and out of the professional realm. It is only my sophomore year and I have found my way here and I am also confident about finding my way out there too!

How would you describe UNCG to a prospective student?

I would tell them (as I have in the past) that this school is everything you make it to be. Everyone is so kind, the resources are plentiful, and there will always be someone supporting you along the way. As a student, I recommend jumping into any and everything that interests you. College is about learning about the things you love as much as it is about doing the things you love. Allow yourself to be lost at times, uncomfortable, and even confused. Those are all growing pains of success and self-discovery.

In what ways have you experienced UNCG’s Culture of Care?

At the end of every meeting I have with my supervisor, she asks how she can better support me. It is not something that she has to do, but it is something that she elects to do because she cares dearly for her staff members. In my personal experience, a lot of UNCG is like that. We show that we care about each other’s well-being in spaces where we don’t always have to. It is moments like that where I recognize the Culture of Care and I appreciate that I chose an institution with such a remarkably caring culture at the heart of all it does.