About Student Fees

What are student fees? Who do they support?

Required student fees support programs, services, and facilities on the campus for which state funds are not available and/or cannot be used. Distance learners pay the Educational & Technology Fee, Security Fee, the UNC Association of Student Government fee, and the Registration fee. Graduate students enrolled in fewer than six credit hours and undergraduates enrolled in fewer than nine credit hours have the option of paying the health fee or they could pay for services at the “market rate” of the Greensboro community.

The student fee process begins with a panel of students and staff who meet from September-October each year. This committee shares their recommendations with the Chancellor, who then shares the proposed fees with the university community at open tuition and fee forums. The Chancellor uses the committee suggestions, comments from the public forums, and input from a variety of other sources to develop the tuition and fee recommendations that are presented to the Board of Trustees and the UNC Board of Governors.

2018-19 Tuition & Fees Information