Division of Student Affairs

About Student Fees

Educating and supporting students at UNCG is financed in four ways: tuition, fees, state appropriations, and philanthropic donations. These funds make it possible to provide all of the academic programs, student support (like advising, tutoring, and physical and mental health services), campus safety initiatives and resources, campus experiences, artistic and creative events, wellness activities, athletic activities and events, and community resources that our students and our community expects.   

UNCG is consistently ranked very highly when compared to many other public universities in terms of access, affordability, and value (or “bang for the buck”) thanks to our relatively low tuition, especially for the 90+% of our students who come from North Carolina. The relatively low tuition rates for in-state students are made possible because the North Carolina legislature provides additional funding in the form of state appropriations or tax dollars to reduce tuition and fee expense. But tuition and appropriations only pay for some of what happens in our classrooms and on our campus. 

For us to fully meet our commitment to our students and the citizens of North Carolina to provide a quality education, world-class research, a vibrant student experience, and meaningful services to our community, additional funding is necessary. As is true for most universities, we have particular fees that help us meet those needs. Even in “normal” times, fees are required for the university to function even when people are not on campus or particular services are not in use.

Nationally, the average student fees for a public, doctoral university like UNCG exceed $11,000.  At UNCG for the 2020-2021 academic year, fees for full-time undergraduates in on-campus degree programs will be just over $7400. All universities in the UNC System submit their proposed fee structure and dollar amounts first to their campus Board of Trustees and then the UNC Board of Governors for approval. Per UNC System policy, the proposals must be informed by student and faculty feedback.  

Fees are established through an extensive, collaborative process that includes administrators, Staff and Faculty Senate representatives, senior executives at the University, and perhaps most importantly, a diverse group of student leaders who represent different student populations (Student Government, undergraduates and graduates, residential and commuter).

Required student fees support programs, services, and facilities on campus and online for which state funds are not available and/or cannot be used. Fees are necessary to serve our students while they are here, and they help us protect, maintain, and operate our campus even when they are not. Even more, in these immensely challenging times, we must develop and implement a wide range of systems and programs to support students in new ways and ensure when things do return to something more normal, we are ready and able to provide students with what they deserve and expect from UNCG.  

All of our students, except for those in programs that are formally designated as “distance learning,” will continue to have access to facilities, programs, and services this fall either on campus or virtually regardless of their particular mix of classes (face-to-face, hybrid, or online), although clearly there may be limitations based on public health considerations and mandates. Details here.

UNCG exists to provide education to our students and propel them into meaningful lives with career and socioeconomic advancement potential. UNCG does not make a profit, and we invest everything we can into the service of our students and our community. Put another way, when any of the sources of funding are cut, reduced, or lost, there are real and significant impacts to our ability to deliver access, excellence, and impact for our students and the greater North Carolina community. Facilities may close, academic programs may be cancelled, and people may lose jobs. This is a sobering but very real component of our current highly complex situation. 

Every institution in the UNC System—and therefore every administrator, faculty member, parent, student, and individual whose livelihood depends on our universities—is facing massive uncertainty this fall. We know that all of you in our community have unique pressures, concerns, and conditions that impact how you are approaching the semester. Because there is so much complexity, the UNC System has provided guidance to every institution about fees and tuition as follows:

“As we are all working to be ready to provide in-person instruction and on campus experiences for our students, we are also preparing for the contingencies that the COVID-19 crisis may require us to address.  We cannot predict if some or all instructional formats for all or part of the 2020-21 academic year may change due to the public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As has always been the case, tuition and fees are charged at the beginning of the semester and will remain in place regardless of any changes in instructional format. Tuition and fees directly impact our ability to provide meaningful educational programs, experiences, and services and will not be refunded in the event that instructional format changes for any part of the 2020-21 academic year.”  Note: In case of another major disaster, the University will follow UNC System Office refunding guidelines.

The only way for us to plan for the year, operate to the best of our ability, deliver the quality academic experience you demand, and ensure that we remain open and operational when we emerge from the current public health crisis is to manage our financial situation across the System consistently in this manner. We have and continue to share your feedback and your concerns. We understand them. Our goal here is to be transparent with how our financial operations work and what you are paying for when you come to UNCG. Details on specific use of fees is below.



Fall 2020: $1

    • This supports UNCG’s participation in the UNC Association of Student Governments, which is a student-led organization committed to furthering educational opportunities and advocating for all students within the University of North Carolina system. The UNC ASG has and will continue to meet virtually during this time of social distancing and will have discretion to use their funds to support students in the System.

Athletics Fee

Fall 2020: $390

    • This supports UNCG’s Division I intercollegiate athletics program of 17 men’s and women’s sports, which are essential not only to the on-campus experience, but to engagement with our community, driving visibility and positive perception of the University nationally, engaging with alumni and donors who support all aspects of UNCG, and providing an important economic and cultural asset to our region.
    • This fee also supports UNCG spirit groups — cheer, dance, and band.  It includes the maintenance of athletic facilities including shared spaces with Campus Recreation & Academics (such as our tennis courts and lighted field).  It enables free admission for students to all regular season home athletics events including men’s basketball at the Greensboro Coliseum.  
    • Most importantly, this fee funds scholarships for student-athletes as well as joint creation and funding of internships in partnership with academic programs (Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Media Studies.
    • It helps cover athletics operational costs, including but not limited to: coaches, team travel, recruiting activities, game operations, payment to officials for games, equipment and uniforms, strength, conditioning and athletic training, live streaming of events.
    • The fee covers 85% of the athletics budget. The remainder is from NCAA distributions, multi-media rights, trademark licensing and fundraising.

Student Activities Fee

Fall 2020: $288.50

    • This fee supports Campus Activities & Programs (Including student organizations and the Campus Activities Board), Campus Recreation, Elliott University Center, Equipment Replacement, Facilities Maintenance (for non-academic and non-administrative facilities), Spartan Card Center, Leadership & Civic Engagement, Intercultural Engagement, the Student Government Association and Media Board.
    • Even with the changed and limitations imposed by our response to COVID-19, all of these Student Affairs departments (Campus Activities & Programs, Recreation & Wellness, the Elliott University Center, Leadership & Civic Engagement, Intercultural Engagement) have and will continue to provide virtual and a limited in-person program and service delivery throughout the pandemic. Student organizations will still have access to funding to support their own initiatives.  The Elliott University Center, Spartan Card Center, and Facilities Maintenance will continue to be in operation.

Student Facilities Fee/Debt Service Fee

Fall 2020: $353.50

    • This pays for debt incurred on capital projects which cannot be built using state funds. For example: UNCG’s soccer and baseball stadiums, the Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Wellness, the Elliott University Center renovation, and the Anna M. Gove Student Health Center expansion/renovation. This fee does not pay for parking facilities and residence halls, which are funded by users of those facilities.

Education & Technology Fee

Fall 2020: $230.50

    • This supports course materials and supplies like lab equipment. It also provides partial support of information technology (like wired and wireless networks) for student class and out-of-class use—both highly critical during this time of increased distance learning. This fee has helped us equip virtually every learning space with new distance learning technology this summer to support the expansion of online and hybrid courses.

Transportation Fee

Fall 2020: $53

    • This covers UNCG students’ portion of the HEAT (Higher Education Area Transit). HEAT is the City of Greensboro’s university and college-based public transportation system. Students may ride any HEAT or GTA (Greensboro Transit Authority) local bus fare-free with their UNCG ID card. In addition, this fee supports the Spartan Chariot campus transportation shuttle system (Weekday Loop, Spartan Village Express, and the Evening Safety Shuttle) which operates during the fall and spring semesters. The shuttle serves to provide the campus with efficient and safe campus transportation, reduce vehicular congestion and decrease the demand for proximity parking.
    • All public transportation, including the Spartan Chariot, are still in operation with reduced seating to maintain social distancing.

Security Fee

Fall 2020: $15

    • This fee is mandated by UNC General Administration to fund campus security initiatives. This fee supports campus safety initiatives, including the LiveSafe app and the Student Ranger and Safe Walk programs. It also helps support substance abuse counseling services.

Health Services Fee

Fall 2020: $155

    • This supports health, counseling, and wellness services at the Anna M. Gove Student Health Center. Services include: primary medical care, women’s health, blood pressure checks, immunizations, allergy injections, flu shots, laboratory and digital x-ray, psychiatric care, pharmacy services, nurse clinic, sports medicine, counseling services, and wellness/health education programs. The Medical Center continues to provide in-person and telemedicine services for students, although appointments must be made via phone rather than walk-in. The Clinic has and will continue to provide COVID testing for students.The Counseling Center continues to provide telemental health through virtual appointments and a variety of virtual group and workshop options. The Counseling Center also provides a 24-hour/7-days per week line for any students who are in crisis or know someone experiencing one. 

New Student Fee

Fall 2020: $112 Transfer Student, $254 Freshman

    • The New Student Fee is a one-time fee that covers all SOAR student program costs, student staff wages, UNCG t-shirts and other promotional items, printed and multimedia materials, as well as other first-year services such as NAV1GATE new student convocation, Rawkin’ Welcome Weeks, SPEARS, Your First Year, First Finals Fest, Second Year Launch, as well as first year and transfer student honoraries Alpha Lambda Delta and Tau Sigma.


Online students pay (per credit hour):

Education & Technology Fee $15.57

ASG Fee $0.03

Security Fee $1.01

Online Service Center $20

Registration Fee $6 (per semester)