Graduate Assistantships

We are glad you are considering UNCG for your graduate studies! The Division of Student Affairs has many departments that offer challenging and dynamic graduate employment opportunities for students whose goal is to work in a college or university setting. Graduate assistantships provide experience and training in student affairs departments and serve as practical application of your academic preparation or training.

NOTE: As of Spring 2016, all Student Affairs graduate assistantships are filled.

A Message from the Vice Chancellor

Dr. Cherry Callahan, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Welcome to UNCG’s Student Affairs website. This particular page provides information for prospective graduate assistants who might serve the Division of Student Affairs. While these positions will best meet the needs of graduate students in the areas of counseling/student development/higher education, they are open to all graduate students enrolled at UNCG. As graduate assistants in the various departments that comprise the Division of Student Affairs, you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience and professional development that will serve you well when you leave UNCG in search of that “perfect job.” You may find yourself advising or counseling students, advising student organizations, planning co-curricular programs and activities, managing a residence hall, or any other number of functions common to student affairs.

As you consider the variety of available positions, we hope that you will find something that stirs your passion, whatever that is, or strikes a chord with you. We know that we can provide you with a valuable learning opportunity and in turn you can share your energy, your creative ideas, and your time. We depend greatly on our graduate assistants as we continue our mission to create and support a rich learning environment for our students in a community of care and mutual respect. Best wishes to you as you explore us and UNCG. Know that we are here to help you in any way that we can. Do not hesitate to contact anyone who has a position listed should you have further questions.


Cherry Callahan

Frequently Asked Questions

Do graduate assistants pay tuition and fees?
Many departments in the Division of Student Affairs offer tuition assistance. Please contact the department for details.
What do I include in my graduate assistantship application?
Applying for a graduate assistantship is just like applying for a job. Please include a cover letter and resume as well as any other documentation that is specified in the job description.
What is appropriate attire for a Graduate Assistantship interview?
You are interviewing for a job in a professional setting; you should be appropriately dressed.
Currently, how many Graduate Assistantships are there in the division?
There are 33 Graduate Assistantships in the Division of Student Affairs, but not all Graduate Assistantships are available each year. Please check the SpartanCareers website to see what positions are currently available.
What if I do not know my admissions status by the time the department is interviewing?
In order to be offered graduate assistantships, you must be fully admitted into a UNCG graduate program. This means you must have been admitted by both the Graduate School and the academic department.
What opportunities are there for professional development?
Graduate Assistants are welcome and encouraged to attend all Student Affairs divisional staff meetings and development opportunities. Some departments may provide support for additional professional development activities.
What health benefits and insurance come with my assistantship?
There are no health benefits through the Division of Student Affairs, but depending on the availability of funding it may be covered by the Graduate School. It would be best to check with them before enrolling in a health care plan.
Can I hold a graduate assistantship and not register for any classes?
No, graduate assistants must be registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours in order to hold the position.
Do I need a certification for certain graduate assistantships?
There are some graduate assistantships on campus that need certifications; those requirements will be listed under the job description posted on the SpartanCareers website.

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